10 Warning Signs That You’re Going To Be Dumped

When a relationship ends, we tend to wonder where it went wrong and what we could have done differently. Were there any warning signs? Probably. But we get busy in life or wrapped up in the relationship and we don’t see it coming. Or maybe you are exhibiting the warning signs. Either way it is time to take a closer look at your relationship and decide whether you want it or not.

Warning Sign #1: Hasn’t called you for a few days. If you used to get frequent phone calls and now you don’t; then there might be something wrong. This is not always the case but put into prospective with other factors listed below; it could be a warning sign.

Warning Sign #2: Picking fights. Getting angry more than usual? Having arguments over stupid little things? When people are no longer interested in a relationship but they don’t want to be the one to end it, they’ll often pick stupid fights hoping the other person will say enough is enough. Don’t beat about the bush. Come right out and ask if they are no longer interested in the relationship.

Warning Sign #3: Being secretive. No longer wants to tell you where they have been or who was on the phone. Maybe the phone is off limits to you. Disappears for hours without an explanation.

Warning Sign #4: No longer refers to "we" but "I". You use to sit and plan your future together. "We are going to do this, we are going to do that". Now it is "I am going to do this". You are no longer included in his future.

Warning Sign #5: Rather spend time with friends than you. You have gone from being a important part of their life to a bystander. Now friends are more important than you.
Warning Sign #6: You no longer talk. Once upon a time you would sit and have discussions about everything from the weather to what is are your life goals. You no longer have deep discussions. One word answers become the norm.

Warning Sign #7: Friends start asking what's wrong. Friends begin to notice tension or distance between you. They start asking if everything's "all right".

Warning Sign #8: More critical of you Picking at small or major things that you do wrong; perhaps you are beginning to feel that you can’t do anything right.

Warning Sign #9: The romance or loving gestures are gone. The small loving gestures are replaced with a cool or aloof mannerism.

Warning Sign #10: Getting defensive when you ask a question. Preoccupied with other thoughts and it’s like an interruption or an interrogation when you ask them a question.

Remember that these are only warning signs and, in fact, your relationship may just be going through a rough patch. Talk to each other first before you do anything you may regret. Communication often solves problems that could cause relationships to fail.

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